Azerite Trait Talent Combination Rankings


Additional simulations to show the power of Azerite Traits with different Talent combinations or other unique variants. Please reload the page if you do not see the Azerite Trait names.

Fires of Justice

Talents: Righteous Verdict/Fires of Justice/Wake of Ashes/Inquisition

Blade of Wrath

Talents: Righteous Verdict/Blade of Wrath/Wake of Ashes/Inquisition

Divine Judgment

Talents: Righteous Verdict/Hammer of Wrath/Divine Judgment/Inquisition

Execute Range

Talents: Righteous Verdict/Hammer of Wrath/Wake of Ashes/Inquisition

In this Sim the boss starts at 20% HP. This is to showcase hopw strong traits can be during an execute phase where execute DPS is very important such as on G’huun.