What is this?

Just some basic math to figure out how haste affects cooldowns. In the future I might add damage calculations as well but who knows. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

CD Math

This is easier than it looks. You can just use Google to do the calculations for you. Only thing you Need to do is fill in your haste. If your haste is 23.21% you would enter it as ".2321". So Judgment would be 12/(1+.2321) which is 9.73 seconds.

Crusader Strike: 6/(1+Haste)

Blade of Justice: 10.5/(1+Haste)

Judgment: 12/(1+Haste)

Global Cooldown: 1.5/(1+Haste)

Hammer of Wrath: 7.5/(1+Haste)

If you want to know how much haste is required for a certain level it is also really easy. Let's say you want to know how much haste you need to have a 7 second CD on Judgment. You would enter the formula as 12/(1+x)=7. Now Google does not know how to solve this, but we have the lovely people at Wolfram Alpha that do!

In this case the result is a fraction. We Want decimal. All we need to do is press the "Approximate Form" button.

So there we have it. We would need 71.43% haste for a 7 second CD on Judgment.