Mythic Antorus Ret Paladin Quick Tips

I’ve finally decided to stop being lazy and put together quick tips for Mythic Antorus. I’m not going to specifically cover LFR/Normal/Heroic but some of the mechanics are the same and you can apply the same advice.

Garothi Worldbreaker

should be used before explodes. If you solo soak it can be used as well but if multiple people stand in the circle you will most likely not pop your SoV.
happens at 65% and 35%. If you;re about to phase him delay your to ensure you will not cast unbuffed ’s.
DO NOT USE during . This damage is not counted in the logs.
– We can ignore both casts of as it is physical damage. Use on the first one before the cast is complete. On the second one cast . This will cancel the damage and knock back allowing you higher up-time on the boss. It is possible to survive without an immunity with enough gear, or . They will not prevent the knock back however. I would recommend the following effective health WA which will tell you the maximum hit you can survive based on Physical or Magical damage. It will update based on your stats and buffs and current HP. Effective Health – Magic and Physical.

Felhounds of Sargeras

– Some guilds will tank both dogs together at the start of the fight. If this applies to you feel free to cast as long as both Dogs have the debuff.
– Multiple opportunities to pop . , and if you’re close enough.
– In the event a Tank gets feared and cannot break themselves free you can them to break the fear. The tank will need to have a Cancelaura macro to regain aggro of the boss. Only do this if your Raid Leader or Tank calls for it.

Antoran High Command

– If you are starting progress on this fight focus more on Boss damage rather than AoE. While it is important the adds need to die I see many guilds struggle with low boss damage causing incredibly long kill times which makes the fight incredibly hard on the healers as well as running out of people to enter pods.
– Due to the number of adds always present near the boss it is best NOT to use . Instead use something such as .
can be a good choice if you interrupt the ’s .
is easily popped from damage.

Eonar the Life-Binder

– Most guild’s strategies involve having an Upper, Lower and Bat group so that is what I’m going to assume you’re doing as well.
– Prepot with as the adds take time to spawn.
– Multiple opportunities to pop . , , ’s , ’s , and .
– When travelling from the bottom platform to the top platform, run on the jump pad, at the height of your jump activate once and then activate it a second time and aim your cursor on the top platforms railing.
– During Progress ensuring that the all the Robots(, and ) die is the priority.
– Don’t use at the very start of the fight if you are in the Top group. Save it for the Destructor which will be around ~48 Seconds into the fight. Second should be used around ~03:39 on the Purifier and Felguards. Third can be used at ~05:44 on the Obfuscator and Purifier. Final should be used on the last Destructor up top.
can be used at the very start of the fight if you’re in the Bottom group but I would suggest saving it for the Obfuscator that spawns at ~0:42. Second should be used around ~03:39 on the Purifier and Felguards. Third can be used at ~05:44 on the Obfuscator and Purifier. Final should be used on the last Destructor at Mid.
– If your guild hates you and gives you you should either cast right before you’re launched up so you can jump down right away or you could also stand under the arches located at Mid, Top or Bottom so you’re not launched into the air as high.

Portal Keeper Hasabel

– In this fight you will either be on the Boss the entire time or part of the portal team.
– If you’re on the Boss the entire time use at the very start. If you’re in the portal group save it for the first portal. Generally can be used on CD afterwards but if a new portal is about to open it would be best to use it inside the portal.
– Multiple opportunities to pop . , , , and if a cast will go off.
– If on Boss duty you can use in your opener like normal but all latter casts should be saved for the s.
s can be stunned with , or and interrupted with , or .

Imonar the Soulhunter

– If you have not yet rebound your A and D keys to Strafe Left and Strafe Right now is the time to do so.
– If you get you need to makre sure to get out ASAP as will dispel you automatically and sleep anyone within 7 yards. You do not want to use to run out as you will want this for the bridge. On the first platform it is best to angle yourself so when you get the you press either A or D and strafe without turning to get out ASAP.
– This is a high damage fight so your best bet is to use defensively. Save it for mines on the bridge or orbs. On the 2nd platform you can use it on the debuff.
– Most groups use on the 3rd platform and generally you will use on the 1st and 3rd platforms. If Imonar still has 10% or more HP left before he phases and is off of cooldown you most likely want to cast it on the second platform. For later you just want to ensure you can use all or most of the duration before Imonar phases. This all depends on your guilds kill times.
– If enough ranged dies the can be placed on melee. If this happens either move to the other side of the boss on run of of range of everyone.
– You may be assigned to use on the bridge clearer so make sure not to use it elsewhere.
– Unless your guild has specifically requested otherwise you should help to clear s and s. Grenades will launch you backwards at whatever angle you approached them. It is best to run at them straight on. They will also apply a debuff increasing damage taken so only take a second greande if you’re at full HP or using a cooldown such as .
– It is generally better to run through an Orb on the bridge than try to sidestep it and wait for it to go by. Use to remove the slow caused by the orbs.
– For the love of God make sure you and your raid do not take a into an orb. People will die.


Visual Kin’garoth guide.
– Prepot with .
– Second potion should be during an add phase.
– When Kin’garoth casts his first is when you should use your first . This will allow you to be at 13-15 stacks and allow you to do massive damage to the adds. They take the most damage at the start of the cast and will take less as they get further in. The adds spawn every 2 Minutes which lines up perfectly with . If your raid does enough damage to the adds you can consistently early to head into subsequent adds with high stacks. If not you may need to delay a few seconds or just use it once the adds spawn.
– Use at the start of each add phase as it will deal extra damage to the add and will be consumed due to .


– Use as soon as the starts and continue to use it on cooldown as other raidwide auras such as and are active the entire fight.
– It is OK to hold onto for a few GCDs if a is about to spawn.
– If you have 5HP and the debuff is not on Varimathras and you’re saving it for a that is about to spawn feel free to cast and build more HP to be ready for the add.
– You can use during if needed to get out in time with the debuff.

The Coven of Shivarra

– Multiple opportunities to pop . , and .
– Use during if you;re close to the center and need to run out to help kill an add.
– You can use or if a is loose.
will free you from if you do not receive enouggh healing. You can always use or on yourself or anyone else with the to assist.



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