These tips are generally for the Mythic version of these encounters. However, most of the advice can be used in Heroic as well.

To avoid having to explain why certain talents are reccomended on some fights and not other in multiple locations it is going to be included up here. Assuming that you sim higher with Blade of Wrath it is only recommended on ST bosses that do not have frequent add spawns to throw extra Hammer's of Wrath. If Consecration sims higher it is only recommended on bosses with minimal or no movement. Inquisition is just the strongest talent choice by a large margin for most people. If you sim higher with another talent feel free to try it out.

Abyssal Commander Sivara


This is a ST fight.

Shield of Vengeance can be used on stacks of Toxic Brand or Frost Mark.

Blackwater Behemoth


This is a ST fight.

Delay your Execution Sentence, Wake of Ashes and Avenging Wrath for the boss. Don't waste them on the Shimmerskin Pufferfish.

Shield of Vengeance can be used on Shock Pulse.

Vision of Perfection is useless on this fight due to transistion timings.

Divine Shield can be used to solo Piercing Barb.

Radiance of Azshara


This is mainly a ST fight. The more add phases you do the more of an AoE fight it becomnes.

Shield of Vengeance can be used on Unshackled Power.

Vision of Perfection(Minor) is really strong and will cause your 2nd Avenging Wrath to line up with Phase 2.

Lady Ashvane


This is a ST fight with occasional opportunities for cleave when other players are affected by Briny Bubble.

Depending if your guild needs more damage directly on Lady Ashvane you may be asked to hold your Avenging Wrath until the shield is broken. If you run Vision of Perfection(Minor) you can use Wings on pull and have it again before the shield rebuilds. Make sure to save your Condensed Life Force for it if needed.

Wake of Ashes can be delayed for Briny Bubble if your group needs the damage.

Divine Shield can be used to remove Briny Bubble. Make sure to be on your assigned spot to avoid bubbling other players.

Shield of Vengeance can be used when Rippling Waves are being soaked.



This can either be a ST fight or an AoE padfest. It all depends on what your guild needs. Also the hitbox is massive.

Divine Shield can be used to soak Amniotic Splatter or Powerful Stomp.

Depending on how fast you push Vision of Perfection(Minor) can allow you to use Avenging Wrath 3 times in P1.

Shield of Vengeance should be used on Incubation Fluid. This is the single most dangerous thing in the fight. Make sure to use lock rocks and health pots if needed.

Selfish Healer is really strong as you can build up 4 stacks with each Arcing Current when you're affected by Incubation Fluid.

The Queen's Court




This fight has frequent cleave that is important.

There is no reason to use a Pre-pot on this fight as you will most likely be holding DPS anyways.

Purification Protocol(Minor) is your strongest choice if not using Vision of Perfection(Minor).

If you're assigned to both Delirium realms you need to run Vision of Perfection(Minor). If running Visions you can also delay your first Avenging Wrath about 15-20 seconds to have more uptime on the adds.

Wake of Ashes can be dealyed on the pull for the first set of add spawns. You can delay it later in the fight as well based on timings.

Shield of Vengeance should be used on Dread Use it before you pop Inquisition in your opener.

Queen Azshara