Should I delay Avenging Wrath/Crusade for BL/Hero?
Possibly. If delaying Crusade causes you to miss an opportunity to cast an additional Crusade it is not worth it. Go reread the Avenging Wrath/Crusade section.

What is a good Pawn string for Ret?
Don’t use Pawn. Sim gear. Don’t make excuses saying you can’t sim during raid. Sim before raid and just adjust the ilvl of the item to see what the minimum required for it to be an upgrade is.

But “xyz” said 25% haste!
That isn’t a question. Also. NOOOOOO.

So, what is the minimum amount of haste I should have?
There is no minimum nor maximum haste.

Does Haste reduce downtime?
No. It does not. Our abilities take a set number of Globals to come off of CD and both CDs and the Global scale with Haste evenly until 100% Haste which you hit the 0.75s GCD cap. After 100% Haste further Haste would reduce your downtime but this level of Haste is not achievable based on gear alone.

Can you include encounter specific tips?
Starting in BfA you should expect more active work on encounter specific tips.

So, what is the minimum amount of haste I should have?
There is no minimum nor maximum haste.

Do I use Potion of Bursting Blood or Battle Potion of Strength?
Battle Potion of Strength on average is better than Potion of Bursting Blood in ST. Battle Potion of Strength is always stronger in AoE.

What are the best Paladin races for Alliance and Horde?
Races are very close in Single Target scenarios and generally you should not frustrate yourself by not being the highest simming race. Light Forged Draenei is the best simming race for the Alliance as well as the strongest race overall for AoE and Blood Elf is the best simming race for the Horde at this time.

How do I get my current gear and other combinations as profile to use in SimulationCraft?
We recommend using the SimC addon and using the “Top Gear” option on Raidbots.

Does Zeal increase the Proc chance of AoW/BoW?
No. AoW/BoW are RPPM which is only affected by Haste and not attackspeed.

How many targets until we should use Divine Storm?
Generally 3+ Targets. If you’re running 2x of the Azeright Trait Divine Right you can use Divine Storm once one of the mobs is below 20% ONLY to maintain the Strength Buff provided.

Do Azerite Traits stack?
The Damage or Stat gain provided by Azerite does stack. The proc chance, duration, stacks gained or other parts of the trait do not stack. Dagger in the Back will gain more damage, Relentless Inquisitor will provide more Haste and Zealotry will provide more damage but the total number of times they can stack, the number of stacks you gain nor the duration will increase with multiple pieces.

Why is Torrent of Elements not good for Ret?
It is intended for casters so it has reduced RPPM for melee.